12 November 2014

An Aussie in the Big Apple.

A few things I've experienced:

- New Yorkers and Americans in general are very into Halloween. If you're a centuar, you are a centuar - you have home made fur shoes/pants and prosthetic 3rd and 4th hind legs. If you're Batman, you are BATMAN and you also have the entire Batman posse with you - Batgirl, Robin, The Joker, Bane and even Alfred - I didn't even know you could dress up as Alfred. 
- I went to Ricky's for a Halloween costume and they sell every single thing imaginable. I found a "blind person" costume. Walking stick and black shaded sunglasses for $7.99.
- New Yorkers don't understand "are you keen for a feed", "that's heavy", "that's dodgy", "you're a mol". They think saying "heaps" is funny/very Aussie.
- Most overheard subway topic: Ebola & 20 something year old single girl problems. 
- It's the beginning of November and I hear Christmas carols and see Christmas lights almost everywhere - sorry what?
- If you say rubbish bin instead of trash can, or refer your metro card to your train ticket no one will know what you're on about.
- Americans think an Aussie accent is an English accent because they "sound the same". No. We do not sound the same.
- Online dating is a thing, apparently people take it seriously here.
- Recycling almost doesn't exist and trash bags pile on top of each other on the side of the road - I find this seriously bizarre.
- There is a line for almost everything.
- Public toilets kind of don't exist..
- Art galleries and exhibitions are rarely free - Never pay more than $22 for a ticket. Thursday nights are "art nights" in the Art district (Chelsea), and Moma has free Fridays every Friday. Take advantage, no one should pay for culture!
- Nearly everything has syrup or/is sweetened. 
- If you're getting in trouble for something minor or borderline major you can use the excuse "I'M AUSTRALIAN! SOZ, I DIDN'T KNOW" you will probably get away with it.
- Gentrification is so fast paced that Williamsburg is the new Manhattan and Bushwick is the new Williamsburg and in about a years time, Bushwick will be so Williamsburg I probably won't even recognise the street I currently live on. 
- Food trends are a thing.
- So are dogs. Everyone has a dog. They have a Halloween parade dedicated to dogs - which also proves how much New Yorkers love Halloween.
- You must spend at least one drunken night in a very trashy karaoke bar. Drunk singers take Karaoke very seriously. The host will also most likely be either: a) A slightly overweight topless male. b) An African American man with arms too toned for a host job wearing a gold leotard with drag hair and make up. 
- Central park is beyond beautiful. 
- If you're a tourist and you're only in New York for less than 3 weeks, don't bother trying to get use to the subway lines - it took me 4 weeks & I still occasionally get confused to what is Uptown and what is Downtown - because everything that's uptown can also be downtown, and everything downtown can also be uptown. 
- Conversing with a complete stranger on the street, subway, cafe and pretty much anywhere is normal/acceptable.
- So is going for a drink (right this minute, right this second). New Yorkers are extremely open and friendly.
- Almost everything fun and outdoorsy closes October 26, because, Winter. 
- If you don't have Google maps, good luck with trying to find your way around anywhere. 
- Exploring the city on a tourist bus is ok and also a great way to learn historical & cultural facts. It also helps geographically. 
- People still use the phrase B&T aka, Bridge and Tunnel, aka anyone from New Jersey. Terrible, I know.
- If you're Australian and you're at a party, people will circle you and stare at you with their mouths open. Prepared to be bombarded with all sorts of questions; eg. Do you surf? Do you see Kangaroos everyday? You're accent is SO cool, do I have an accent? Did it take 24 hours to get here? I love your accent, can you keep talking? Why aren't you tanned? Is it Summer all year round?
- If you're friend introduces you to their friend and mentions you're Australian, they will also stare at you with their mouths open. Apparently being Aussie is cool here. 
- Majority of the people I've met are insanely creative and or intellectual.
- I've yet to have met a New Yorker who is actually born and raised in New York.
- Nothing is ever ordinary or boring. The synergy between the diversity of creatives/intellects that constantly curate/refresh, and the iconic history that shapes NYC creates a vibe that will always drive and inspire you. However, this city will exhaust you. 

ps. I might make a list every week - if you can bear.

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11 October 2014

A letter of absence.


Hello lovers, it's been a while - a very long while.

Not sure if many of you know, but I've moved to New York for the meanwhile.. I've been living in a dream the past month (& currently still living in a- the dream). I think when it comes to creativity, especially when it involves a specific space you have curated- whether it be out of curiosity or lack of imagination and inspiration.. it's important to occasionally step back, live life a little and remind yourself why you started it all in the first place.

Parfasseux began when I was still in high school. I was studying photography, interested in fashion, film, art and so very terrible at maths and anything that involved analytic thinking.. I wanted to "rebel" - I wasn't really rebelling against anything in particular, it was more so the fact that I was bored of constantly being told what to do, and how to do - a very cliche 15 year old way of thinking. So I created Parfasseux, a space that was mine, a space where I could upload photographs I experimented with, shoots I'd do, weekend adventures and anything else - nothing forced. Capturing moments out of spontaneity and living in the present. I never really knew where I wanted to take this space to.. or even if I could.

But, before I knew it, it had a control of itself. My audience grew, and the content grew with it, the content was refined and people were actually interested in following my adventures. Brands were emailing me and soon enough it almost felt like a part time job. It became a routine.. and then slowly or quickly - I don't even remember, the spontaneity and creative thinking behind it all drizzled away. My intentions of Parfasseux hasn't changed, but I think the way I've approached content curating has.. Since my move to New York, I've felt an urge to learn and create - I desperately want to draw again, I've been photographing on my film camera, I've spent hours perusing articles and artists.. it's making me excited about my blog again. I'm living with a photographer, dancer and actress, a house full of constant energy and imagination. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate all the things I love together as a whole and where the direction of it will go.. but, whatever it will be, I'm excited to take you guys along with me.


30 August 2014

100 Colours with Dove


I recently got the chance to team up with Dove, for the 100 Colours challenge. By now, you'd know that colour and print clashing is a rarity when it comes to my personal daily outfits, but the odd occasion or so, I love a change of scene.. so when this challenge came up to promote their new no marks deoderant, it was the perfect opportunity to break away from the usual uniform.. going with silhouette instincts, I paired an oversized biker vest with this slightly girly playsuit. I love the contrasts of structured blue and maroon and thought it was the perfect colour combination for the 100 Colours challenge.. and it was!

Details for the competition:

Dove believes women should have the freedom to wear more of their favourite colours and want to change the way women feel about wearing colour across the world! New Invisible Dry is Dove’s first deodorant proven to leave no marks on 100 different colours, from black to white and all colours in between. Whilst it doesn’t leave any marks on clothes, it contains all the goodness of Dove including its unique 1⁄4 moisturising cream, to give you dry and beautiful underarms that you can wear with any colour.

• 2 x Return economy flights from the winner’s nearest capital city to Sydney, NSW, 
• 1 x styling session at Westfield Pitt Street Mall 
• A Westfield shopping voucher valued at $1000 
• Transport to and from the styling session
 • 1 x dinner and drinks package valued at $200 at Hotel QT 
• 1 x Night’s accommodation Total prize value is up to $2,000.00 (including GST) 

Post an image of your favourite outfit on instagram and hashtag #dove100colours.  


JBL Speakers


The past month, I've really been getting into my gadgets - not sure if it's the short trips interstate or if post Splendour depression has gotten me back to my music roots. I spotify basically everything, never leave the house without my Sol Republic tracks head phones and use the crap out of my wireless JBL Speakers - can't figure out if it's the pretty laser colours, the high volume and quality sound or the fact that it's wire free and weighs nothing, that's gotten me hooked. I've watched an entire season of Suits, listened to my spotify playlist x 100 and my ears are thankful.

Here's a little playlist that's been helping me get through a million drafted posts.. perhaps it'll help you through the Winter blues too.

Beat for - Jamie XX
BTSTU - Jai Paul
Made to Stray - Mount Kimbie
Something Good can work - Two Door Cinema Club
Silk - Giselle
Mirror Maru - Cashmere Cat
King and Cross - Asgeir
1998 - Chet Faker
A tout a Lheure - Bibio
The Dreamer - The tallest Man on Earth
Lover's Carvings - Bibio
Coffee - Broods
Whale - Yellow Ostrich
Fall Underneath - Snakadaktal
Arcadia - The Kite String Tangle