23 July 2014

Festival essentials I

1. Panasonic Lumix GM1 point and shoot camera
2. Monster Productions portable charger
3. Sole Republic headphones
4. Instax polaroid

Pre Splendour packing chaos, because there's nothing better than packing last minute right?

So, I got real techy this time.. my last camping festival trip (which most of you won't know about, no uploading was done that trip) was basically a blissful escapade from cyberspace, technology, content providing and consuming and a whole lot of earthing embracement (roaming around everywhere barefoot), free souling and getting lost amongst lush Aussie bushland and taking in endless hectares of sand, salt and the ocean. I was a temporary gypsy. Ok, maybe not - a week away from the internet is really nothing.

Moving forward, I'm heading to Splendour in the Grass tomorrow morning for MARKET HQ, which means rookie gypsy living won't be happening. I've stocked up on extra battery and portable chargers to make sure that every snap, outfit I wear and artist I see live, is delivered straight to you guys across my blog, instagram as well as Market HQ's social media platforms- so for those who won't be boogie-ying away with me, you won't really miss out much.. apart from the live festivities and all round good vibes of Splendour in the Grass..! Sorry, not sorry.

Reviews to come.


16 July 2014

Edwards and Co.


Living off cheap thrills and DIY hair cut’s and dye’s throughout my youth meant getting hair pampered a very rare occasion for me. By rare occasion I mean, I would only ever get a hair fix, out of desperation by committing a walk-in to the first hairdresser I would come across.

Now, a couple of months ago - I assisted a photo shoot in a beautifully rustic, polished - and very photogenic studio in Surry Hills, and to little knowledge at the time, is also a hair salon and home to an array of Australia’s most known locks, Lara Bingle and Erin McNaught to name a few. This was Edwards and Co.

When you first walk in, you would second guess the hair salon nature, instead of piles of hair on hair, shiny textile and the scent of hair dye, you are welcomed with a light filled studio of wooden floors, brick and a feature wall - an artwork of an aquatic creature of some sort and tables made out of raw wood and metal, table tops scattered with magazines of all sorts and an align of grand windows and mirrors from ceiling to floor - like a ballet studio. It’s a place you genuinely want to be at.
I recently visited Edwards and Co and got some hair loving and tips from Jaye Edwards himself (founder/owner) who, for the first time achieved waves in my hair to perfection. I really don’t remember the last time I walked out of a salon actually liking (loving) my hair. I won’t go on about the process that went through the cut/style of my hair yet, but for anyone looking for a new place to check out, I recommend you booking in advance. I’m going in again next week for a shine, so expect another Edwards and Co post. This is only an introduction.

Staff, cut, ambience, service (they serve you tea while they cut!), interior design - all massive ticks for me. 


09 July 2014

Geo prints and sunsets


A few days ago, on a slightly warmer afternoon, we headed to the north side of the ocean to watch the sunset. I know, random right. But you'd be surprised about the littlest of things you miss when you're working 9-6, and sunsets were one of those things, along with bomber jackets and skirts - reason being is, the office I work in has no heater, and the ceiling is so high the temperature is actually colder inside than out, meaning I'm always in a ridiculous amount of layers, so skirts are never really the occasion. So for once, I was excited to wear a skirt. This two piece is a set from Cameo, and I'm really loving the asymmetric pattern of it (surprisingly - I never go for statement prints), reminds me of the ocean and mermaids for some strange reason. You can buy them here.


06 July 2014

Winston opticals.

News for this week.. I've joined the four eyed gang and in the process of doing so, I picked out my favourite pair of Oscar Wylee's so now I can be four eyed with style. (Check out their optical range, they have so many to choose from.) Particularly digging the olive colouring of the Winston frames, which coincidentally matched my jumper, c/o of First Base x Shop blue sky. You can now shop a few of my looks on their website here. Happy lounging on Sunday!